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How to draw an apple step by step

how to draw an apple step by step
Apple (the fruit, not the company) comes originally from Asia, and still to this day China produces the majority of apples in the world. It would surprise you probably, but the apple is a part of the rose family. Yes, it is a rose tree. Besides eating it as is, it can be used to make deserts, sauces, candy, and of course cider. The apple comes in many colors but the most talked about is the golden apple which has numerous mentions in many cultures.
With the help of this video you will learn how to draw an Apple step by step.
At first you will learn to draw a complete apple and then a half sliced apple. All in the video above.
Apples are so easy to sketch and in just a few steps you will know how to draw an apple with confidence.

We suggest you visit the official US Apple Association website in order to check out all the apple varieties, colors and tastes. Also, you will find there apple recipes and kitchen tips and even a coloring children's book all about apples.

We hope you enjoyed our How To Draw an Apple Step by Step video!