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How to draw an angel step by step

Candy cane Drawing
Angels are loved by all. This fact simply can't be argued, but do you know the true meaning of the word angel? It comes from old english and it means messenger. An angel is described as god's messenger in all religion and mythologies. There are a couple of famous and known angles but probably the most talked about angel in the last century is Cupid, the god of love. 

In this video you will learn how to draw an angel step by step. Drawing an angel may not be that easy but is sure heavenly and calms the soul. Actually, drawing in general is one of the most healthy things to do to quite our minds and souls, it also improves brain function and helps to build self confidence.

In the history of drawing, Angels are definitely one of the most desired figures to draw. With so many famous paintings, murals, sculptures and artifacts, we all know exactly how angels look like. Although angels appear the most on stained glasses and in books.

Follow steps in the video and learn How To Draw an Angel Step by Step