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How to Draw Turkey Hand Drawing Step by Step

Turkey hand Drawing
If you need something enjoyment to do along with your lovely kids this you are landed in the right place. Do you need to be the coolest child on the block? And now you can throughout making a hand turkey.  Your kid can also make this cute turkey by using their fingers & hands. It is easy to draw Turkey using Hand.

It is a simple and fun method for the youngsters to make a colorful card which can be directed through their individual imagination.  This small art lesson will illustrate you how to draw a turkey hand drawing that actually means how to employ the outlines of your hand to layout turkey. Of course, it is one of the simple and easy tasks for the people and also along with your creative ideas and touches you can also make some more additional features on this drawing.

Materials You Need To Draw Turkey Hand Drawing

In fact, you need only two major components to draw turkey hand drawing task such as
•    One sheet of white paper and
•    Colored pencils or crayons as per your wish

Hence, these are the materials you need to complete this turkey drawing step by step task.

How to Draw Turkey Hand step by step

Below you can able to find out the step by steps procedure which guides you to draw the steps to get a turkey hand drawing.    The only thing you need to do is just go through the steps which are given below and go the steps as it is to get accurate turkey hand drawing a picture.

Step 1: Trace the Hand
Turkey hand drawing steps
 Just place your left hand, palm down and also fingers spread aside, on the white sheet paper.  Beginning in one direction of your wrist, just trace them out along with a pencil or else crayon across your hand until you attain the other part of your wrist.

Step 2: Complete the body
Turkey hand drawing steps
By using this crayons or else back pencil, simply draw a line from start to point to the end point in order to complete the body of the turkey.  Now, draw another line from the bottom of all fingers to the further to make the feathers for turkey.

Step 3:  Draw Eye, Beak & Gizzard
Turkey hand drawing steps
Now, color a very small black circle close to the end of your thumb in order to draw turkey’s eye.  Under the eye on the outer of thumb, just draw 2 ovals which make the gizzard.  On the tip of the thumb, you need to draw a triangle for the beak.

Step 4: Feet & Wing
Turkey hand drawing steps
In the center part of the turkey, draw the wings for turkey. The feet will be drawn at the bottom of turkey through drawing 2 straight lines. At the other end of all line, draw more than three lines.

Step 5: Color
Turkey hand drawing steps
By utilizing the red, green, yellow and orange pencils or else crayons, color the all the fingers a various color.   Then color gizzard along with the red color pencil.

Step 6: Pilgrim Hat
Turkey hand drawing steps
Then draw a pilgrim hat on the top of the turkeys head.

Step 7: Grass
Turkey hand drawing steps
Then finally, by using a green color pencil or else crayon, then color the grass below the turkey’s feet. And now you have the coolest turkey on your hand.

Hence, follow these seven steps to draw turkey hand drawing step by step process guides you very clearly to draw a turkey.   Go through the above steps clearly and understand the steps. After getting a clear idea about how to draw turkey hand drawing step by step procedures then start your work to draw a turkey.