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How To Draw Reindeer Cartoon Drawing Step By Step

Reindeer Drawing
The reindeer is an elegant creature which is as more as a delight to draw as they are to observe.   If you wish to draw reindeer then it is necessary for to go through the remaining following things to gain simple and easy steps to draw reindeer.  Thus, you can also draw a reindeer along with a few imagination as well as some easy steps.

Hoe to To Draw Reindeer cartoon 

Step 1:

At first draw 2 circles for the reindeer’s body. The circle on the left must be somewhat smaller and don’t draw too big.

Step 2:

Now, draw a small circle on the right side of the reindeer body for caribou’s head

Step 3:

Then draw a small size arc on right side lower of the head for reindeer’s muzzle

Step 4:

Now, draw a flat smaller arc on a pinnacle of a head for the reindeer’s ears.

Step 5:  

Just draw a curved line on pinnacle of head for reindeer antlers

Step 6:

Now, draw a sequence of lines which link the main shapes to make to reindeer’s body

Step 7:

And then draw 4 lines below the body for reindeer’s leg. The caribous will be stepping forward direction hence draw one of the lines in front very shorter & bent.

Step 8:

Now, draw eyes for reindeer inside of the head on the upper left side. And shade inside of the reindeer eyes for a small circle to symbolize glare.

Step 9:

Then, draw reindeer nostril like a wavy shape close to the tip of arc on the right side.

Step 10:

Then use the tip of a primary arc to sketch the reindeer’s muzzle to create bottom and top of the muzzle and also insert line close the middle for mouth.

Step 11:

Draw the ear farther interior of the head and also include some lines with shapes for fur.

Step 12:

Make use of primary curved lines in order to draw the front side of reindeer antlers and do the  shape of antler thicker and also insert some rounded ends on pinnacle for antler’s tips.

Step 13:

Now, draw reindeer’s head by using rest of the lines and shapes. The base part of the head must be very small higher.

Step 14:
Then use curved lines on the head to draw the remaining part of antler reindeer.  Create the shapes of antler very thicker and on pinnacle spread tips of antler into 4 spikes.

Step 15:

Now, draw remaining antler and most of the antler is blocked by the antler on a side, hence just draw a very tiny section peeking throughout and don’t let the lines overlap.

Step 16:

Make use of the lines right side of reindeer to draw the caribou’s front legs.  Darken lines while you obtain leg’s formation right and insert a pair of tiny lines for the hoof.

Step 17:

Then use lines below the left side of the reindeer body to draw hind legs.  Then darken lines while you obtain a proper shape.  Concentrate on how leg bends rearward a bit and draw hind leg on another part.  Never forget to insert hooves at bottom by using a very short line.

Step 18:

Make use of remaining line and shapes to draw the remaining parts of reindeer body. In addition, insert some additional strokes on left part of reindeer body for the short tail. The short stroke for the section below the neck for the loose skin you can find on the image.

Step 19: 

(not compulsory) Just erase as more as you can find primary guidelines to get a clear look.

Hence, these are the easy step guides you to draw reindeer in the step by step manner.