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How to draw castle pencil drawing step by step

Castle Drawing
If you read ancient legends or fairytales, the knights and princess castles are the most remarkable one that comes in our mind. This is often it allows us to draw a small castle that is made up of towers and flags along with the process. So, this should easy provide based on the real castle drawing that simply covers based on the proportion and buildings.

You need to draw the castle by giving the realistic view of the castle in order to draw it easily. However, the real castle drawing would take step by step process in order to create perspective scenery walls along with it.

They hope you to do the shading and draw lines according to the volume of walls and towers of the castle. Here, it gives a good tutorial for the people who need to draw the castle without any hassle. Also, you need to learn how to use the sketching work and lines connecting for the castle drawing in step by step process.

In general, there are lots of steps are available for drawing the castle without any hassle. So, you need to undertake the best procedures and learn how to draw castle drawing step by step.

Step 1:
castle drawing steps
 At first, you need to draw four towers of the castle which is the first outcome for drawing the castle. Before starting the work, you need to divide the paper into four parts. It gives a wonderful approach for benchmark process for future use. Afterward, you need to draw the towers that are proportionate each other. They must be identical in both height and width. You need to add triangle roofs now at the castle.

Step 2:
castle drawing steps
After that, you need to draw the top angle of the castle which gives wonderful sketching process forever. For getting a proper estimation, you need to use the ruler for drawing the castle towers proportion easily. It has to take some time to draw it by step by step process which is considered as the best building the castle in an efficient manner. It includes step by step that will surely bring forth good sketching process for the upper castle drawing

Step 3:
castle drawing steps
Next, draw the roof towers and add square openings to the castle using spiky design. You need to concentrate on the main entrance to the castle by drawing along with the towers. It is made up of the heavy metal grate that used to specify the sketching process to undergo with ease. Hence, it should cover based on the center of the wall which should be flexible to shade the towers easily.

Step 4:
castle drawing steps
The bridge drawing for the castle comes under effective way to connect along with the wooden bridge. It should use the solid colors which are well visible in the picture. Next, you need to sketch the towers, windows, walls and other loopholes. It has at designed by the castle size and thus provide positioned close to the grid lock for now. So, this is vital for you to shade according to the castle design and size.

Step 5:
castle drawing steps
Titles and wall of the castle should be sketched based on the requirement. In addition to this, the castles have designed according to the roof and stone walls that are readily made up of fine contours drawing forever.

Of course, you need to take down the colors of the flag and thus enable you to complete the sketch based on the sharp ends. So, this should exhibit based on darker shade which is useful for shading and get simple techniques in drawing a castle in a hasty manner.

I hope you like reading an article on Castle drawing step by step.