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How to draw Honey Badger cartoon Drawing step by step

 Honey Badger Drawing
Honey Badger is one of the popular animals and it is also known as Mellivora capensis. The original name of this animal is ratel it is found in Africa, Indian Southwest Asia and subcontinent. It is the species from mustelid subfamily Mellivorinae. In order to draw Honey Badger you just consider this Drawing tutorials, it help to get perfect picture.

Step 1:

At first, you must draw two circles to get honey badger's body after completion of the circle you need to mark 4 small marks then connect it lightly. After that you need to draw another circle on the left to get the badger's head. Obviously the third circle should be about half the size of the first. Then you need to draw a curved line inside the head that help you to place the honey badger's face. If you draw cartoon honey badger, you must follow the remaining steps properly.

Step 2:

In the left side of the head you need to draw a small circle it is the guide for the honey badger's muzzle it is important for people who be unsure how to draw, honey badger. The circle should be one-fourth the size of the honey badger head. After that you need to draw few lines under the body to get the badger's legs you just draw the line even smaller then use curved lines to connect major shapes. Then draw curved line on the right side for tail

Step 3:

It is important step to draw step by step, you just sketch the eyeball inside the head and make short strokes around the honey badger's eye and sketch a small oval inside the muzzle. Always use quick short strokes, add small line at the bottom then complete overall shape. Draw   few lines under the nose and draw mouth line to represent fur.

Step 4:

Use quick, short strokes to add furry texture to the head and the head should be bit flatter. Even use series of quick and short strokes on forehead to indicate the color separation of fur color separation. Lightly sketch leg and shape the claws like a curved less-than sign (<). Also draw the front leg by following same steps. Always use short and quick strokes to represent fur. The shape should be letter V.  Then draw the hind leg. This drawing steps tutorial highly helps you to get perfect shape.

Step 5:

This guide help you to learn How to draw step by step honey badger's body. By following the guidelines you just create the shape of the body as well as use longer strokes for longer fur and create a tail. Draw a parallel line of fur above the first which is important to indicate color separation.

Final Step:

Based on your needs add shading to your drawing. Honey badgers are normally white and black so try to shade half of the body darker. Vary the pressure of pencil to get different tonal value. You can also add more value to the honey badger's body, as well as you should consider using different shades on the body and separate body with different shades. If you follow the above-mentioned steps you can easily complete the honey badgers drawing cartoon.

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