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How to draw Groundhog cartoon drawing step by step

 GroundHog Drawing
Groundhog is a beautiful and cute wild animal that has a unique look. The exceptional appearance attracts many painters and artists towards it and encourages them to draw it.  It is vital to know how to draw a groundhog, before allocating time for your drawing session.

There are several techniques available to draw groundhog so that you can follow and use the right one based on your individual drawing skills, you can draw step by step, and you can save time and avoid some difficulties.  

Following the best and specially developed Drawing tutorials are the smart way to draw any kind of picture so that you can use the best drawing steps tutorial. If you desire to draw cartoon, you can follow this quick and simple tutorial that let you to learn drawing a groundhog without taking more time. This tutorial for drawing cartoon is great for both the novice artists and children. 

When you decide to draw a groundhog cartoon, you can learn How to draw step by step carefully. The proper drawing skills allow you to complete your painting without taking more time.

How To make A Groundhog cartoon Drawing

Step 1:

You can draw a proper circle for a head of groundhog. Along with this, you can also add all essential facial guidelines. Next, you can draw an outlined structure of its body. If you face any difficulties while following the step, you can refer the above image. It helps you to get an overall idea about the first step. With this, you can draw the face of groundhog.

Step 2:

You will now start drawing the head shape. It is essential to note that the structure of its head require looking fluffy. You can be certain to sketch its cheeks outward consequently you can quickly make its face look very chubby. After that, you can draw small and proper circle forms for his ears. You can begin the lining for his shoulders too.

Step 3:

In this step, you can detail the inner portion of his ears, as well as then draw the eyes and eyebrows. And then, you can fill in his pupils.  After that, you can draw the mouth lining and then complete the body shape. Then, you can draw a crackling and dirt ground where this kind of animal is well known to exist in.

Step 4:

You can finish his nose structure and then sketch his mucked looking teeth. Finally, you can draw the exact shapes of the hands, as well as arms to complete the groundhog drawing.

Step 5:

In the final step of this drawing, you can draw the pupils, as well as then add certain furry and elegant detailing to stomach and chest. Add the belly button, as well as make the land of earth where this groundhog is coming. You can erase the shapes and guidelines which you actually drew in the first step.

Step 6:

In the sixth step, you can see a proper drawing of groundhog. Now, you can give suitable colors to your groundhog drawing. Choosing the right color is not a daunting task now, because the coloring guidelines make the task much simpler and smarter, so you can follow it carefully. The above tutorial allows you to know about How to draw Groundhog step by step without facing any difficulties. Apart from that, it also lets beginners improve their drawing skills.

I hope above tutorial on “ GroundHog drawing step by step” would surely help you.

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