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How to draw Electric Eel cartoon Drawing step by step

Electric Eel Drawing
If you face any difficulties while drawing an electric eel, you can read this following tutorial. This guide explains how to draw the electric eel without any professional drawing skills. Along with this, you can also follow the Drawing tutorials that help you to draw an electric eel in a straightforward manner and learn about how to draw the electric heels.  You can use these guidelines while drawing cartoon.  The best and efficient tutorial allows you a fantastic chance to draw step by step. 

The simple drawing technique helps you to increase the accuracy and uniqueness of your drawing. For getting the benefits, you can draw cartoon by using the most reliable and simple drawing steps tutorial.  Some people fail to understand the drawing guidelines, so they are looking for the perfect alternative.

To meet the drawing needs, the following tutorial comes with lots of images which will ease your sketching task. Plus, the reference images also grant to recognize How to draw step by step. Moreover, the drawing tutorial also let you complete the task quickly.

How to sketch an electric heel drawing

Step 1:

If you want to start drawing an electric eel, you can initially draw the head of an electric heel.  You can draw a round-shaped circle to create the eel’s head. In this first step, you can draw the circle along with an extended side as well as the bumpy pattern. The above image helps you to understand this step without facing any complexities.

Step 2:

In the second step, you can draw the face of an electric eel. And then, you can add a tiny round shape for the eyes. Along with this, you can also create a dot for eel’s nose and then a line coming from its mouth side.

Step 3:

Here, you can draw the body of electric eels by sketching two parallel lines arriving straight from its head. These lines will require tapering into a tip at the ending portion.  This useful step allows you to get a proper idea to extend your drawing.

Step 4:
The further portion is to sketch its elongated fin. You can do it by sketching an extremely wavy pattern on the body of an electric eel.

Step 5:

Now, you need to add the detail and flipper to its body. To draw the portion, you can add the semi-circle exactly behind its head. After that, you can accurately draw a proper line simply below the upper part of its head as well as go the way to its tail.

Step 6:

In this important step, you need to draw the next portion of the electric heel. Here, you can draw the reaming portion of eel’s body.  To draw the remaining parts, you can sketch another set of 2 parallel lines below the 1st body as well as taper jointly at its tail.

Step 7:

Now, you will require adding another extended fin to its extended body portion. You can do this process by sketching a very wavy line on its bottom portion. It is very essential, so you can allocate more time to complete this part. The hard work and enough time help you to draw an electric heel in an accurate manner.

Step 8:

In this last step, you can add certain details to the below portion of its body. To do this, you can draw a decent line on the upper part of its body from the starting to the ending portion. Now, you have drawn an electric eel in a satisfactory manner. You can give attractive colors to enhance the look of your drawing.

I hope “drawing an Electric Eel” is easy for you.

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