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How to draw Bull shark cartoon drawing step by step

Bull shark Drawing
Shark is one of the most popular fish varieties that includes unique look, structure, and features. There are different types of sharks available, but bull shark gets more popularity among people because of its exclusive appearance. Drawing a bull shark is not a daunting task because the Drawing tutorials make the task much simpler. 

The best and specially created drawing tutorials allow you to understand how to draw a bull shark. These are the most important guidelines that let you draw cartoon without wasting more time duration easily.

There is lots of drawing steps tutorial available, so you can follow the right one and learn the important drawing techniques. Apart from that, it also allows you to draw step by step without facing any complexities. If you desire to grab the benefits, you can use the following steps while drawing cartoon. 

The following tutorial explains you about How to draw step by step.  By using these above guidelines, you can easily create a bull shark drawing.

How to draw Bull Shark cartoon drawing

Step 1:

It is vital to note that the bull shark drawing has 3 major parts, including the jaw, the lifeless eyes, and the nose.

Step 2:

When you decide to draw a bull shark, you can start with its front facing view. It is a basic step that helps you to get an overall idea about the drawing. You can watch the body looks rounder than normal, as well as dorsal fins of a bull shark, are truly spread apart.

Step 3:

Each and every shark variety has 2 rows of very sharp teeth. Teeth play an important role in drawing a bull sharp, so you can sketch it carefully. The shark teeth are made for ripping, tearing and shredding anything the sharks put in their mouth apart.

Step 4:

You can begin with an oval shape for the bull shark head, as well as them sketch the clone like structure for its body.

Step 5:

You will start drawing out its nose, head, and the shark’s bottom jaw. If you face any complexities while drawing the jaw portion, you can refer the above diagram.  You can take some more time to complete this major portion of bull shark drawing.

Step 6:

Now, you can sketch the circular eye. After that, you can sketch the lining for top potion of its mouth as well as sketch in nose holes.

Step 7:

In this seventh step, you can draw the front portion of bull shark. Now, you can draw in extremely sharp teeth. Along with this, you can also draw the dorsal fin, as well as pectoral fins. The shark sides require some gills.

Step 8:

You can sketch the remaining portion of its body. You can draw it on a particular angle. The rear end of this fish looks very smaller than the front portion. You can sketch the tail fins shape and the remaining portion of detailing anatomy.  Apart from that, you can also start erasing all the shapes as well as lines to clean your drawing.

Step 9:

It is the last step of your drawing, so you can give more priority to it. Here, you can draw all of the marking lines which will create 2 toned effects which every bull shark have.

Step 10:

The final step allows you to see an exact look of your bull shark drawing. If you complete the drawing, you can give proper color to it. The tutorial will surely work well for you, so you can utilize it without any uncertainty.

I hope above article on “How to draw Bull shark drawing” will help you.