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How to Draw Dilophosaurus cartoon drawing step by step

 Dilophosaurus Drawing
The Dilophosaurus is one of the members of the dinosaur group, and it is the popular species lived in western-central North America. If you need to draw dilophosaurus, take the drawing steps tutorial.  To get perfect shape of Dilophosaurus, it is important to learn some basic steps

Step 1: If you worried about How to draw step by step Dilophosaurus you just draw the half-circle on the left side and draw the wide arc for the top part then draw a straight line under the bottom part and leave enough space for dinosaur's body.

After that, you should intersect lines inside the Dilophosaurus' head and place curved lines on the half-circle. Along with this, draw a long arc like letter U under the head. Obviously, the height of the jaw should be a bit longer. Then you need to draw a big circle the head and sketch the lines lightly. 

Draw an angled line like a number 7 on right side of the big circle then draw small angled line to the left.

Step 2:  In general drawing cartoon Dilophosaurus is simple with the tutorial. To get the back portion of the body add smaller circle to the right of the frill. After that you need to place the pair of angled lines under the circles and the first line should be vertical other lines should be greater-than sign (>). Draw few short and long curved lines to the right for Dilophosaurus' tail.  You need to start lines from the top right side of the body.

Step 3:  The draw Dilophosaurus' eyes inside the head, add short and diagonal line over eye. In addition to this draw a wavy line high above each eye. Draw the crest on and focus on the angle. Lightly sketch another arc as well as draw line on the middle of the arc, and add few lines that indicate the shape.

Draw two curved lines under the horizontal construction and add small triangles to get actual nostrils.  In the bottom part you just add few more lines. Even draw long triangle-like shapes under the top jaw to get teeth.  Always make different sizes to add variety.  It is important to draw cartoon Dilophosaurus.

Step 4: People take the benefits of Dilophosaurus drawing tutorials which help you to learn how to draw Dilophosaurus properly. To get perfect shape you just draw few short lines on mouth and add a series of curved lines inside the Dilophosaurus' mouth. 

Draw big circle around the head the draw the diagonal line at the top of the head. With this you can make the shape of the frill. Additionally, draw another diagonal line above the head and place few small curved lines to make the Dilophosaurus' frill spiky.

Step 5: If you draw step by step, you need to pay close attention on this tutorial. Draw few lines within frill and angle them correctly. Draw angled lines under the frill as and shaped like z. draw small dewclaw near bottom part of the leg finally draw the rest of the Dilophosaurus' body.

Final step:

Drawing tutorials highly help you to get perfect Dilophosaurus drawing. Based on your needs you can add shades. Shade the dinosaur's body using tiny squiggly lines. Also follow the path of the lines inside the frill based on the frill you just shade it. 

Always select the direction of the light source to add shades. You just add the texture to different sections of the body even pay close attention to break up the process. Create the striped pattern inside the body it helps to get perfect drawing.

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