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How To Draw Truck Drawing Step By Step:

Truck Drawing step by step
To draw Trucks, it is necessary to know the appropriate techniques and steps for getting a beautiful drawing in the absolute manner. Truck Drawing Lessons along with the step by step drawing techniques brings the fresh and new look in the fantastic manner. Here are the steps to draw Truck pencil Drawing.

Drawing the Vehicle Cartoons would be efficient for sketching the great cartoon in the absolute manner. Learn how to draw as well as sketch the most amazing and beautiful Vehicles that would easily create the great cartoons, drawings and illustrations so that it would be quite easier for getting the free drawing lessons on the absolute manner. Moreover, you can also know how to draw soccer ball

The strong and sturdy truck can easily carry out vast load so that it would be quite easier for enjoying more benefits in the absolute way. With the following steps, it is much easier to learn how to draw pickup truck in the most amazing and finest process.

In this section, you would get the best pickup truck drawing with the freehand style so that it is much useful to draw them accordingly with the computer monitored. Get the illustration of each step to give you the description about the way of drawing in the absolute way.

Follow the illustration to learn exactly to draw in that step and then notify the color based on many different categories.

Step 1:

First it is necessary to draw the long rectangle side of the body. Then you can draw the 2 overlapping circles on the right and left ends for wheels. With a smaller rectangle on the top of left half of body with slanted left side.

Step 2:

To draw styled wheel, you need to draw small circle inside larger circle. Both of them must be present in the tire and the wheel well above each tire. Now you can easily sketch the object that looks upside-down bowl. When you have drawn the bowl then it would be quite easier to attach the U-shaped figure in front wheel well forming the front bumper. Connect backward L-shaped figure to the rear wheel with cuplike bumper attached. With a curved line make the Outline front hood.

Step 3:

For drawing the driver's-side window, you have to sketch the rectangle slanted left side and it would be drawn in odd-shaped oval. Now you can easily attach the 2 thin rectangles for each other making the door handle. Draw a straight line for the windshield that is slanted based on the front of the driver side window. 

Now you can easily add short line in the top as well as bottom of windshield thus forming skinny triangle. Make 5 half circles inside the styled wheel and then place an air dam under front bumper that looks check mark lying on the side.

Step 4:

With the front end, make 2 connected squares based on making front headlights. Now you can easily surround with trim that looks as same as upside down L-shaped figure that is quite attached in the straight line with curve at the end. 

After that it is much convenient to place a curved line for each wheel based on the fender. Draw the straight line in back of truck so that it would add upright straight line behind the door for separating the cab.

Step 5:

Now you can easily add the steering wheel along with stick shift that would automatically sit with the steering of the wheel column. Now you can easily darken the steering wheel, side moldings, wheel wells, air dam in front bumper and much more. Draw thick dark staple inside taillight, front and rear bumpers.

I hope you like reading an article on “How to draw pencil truck step by step”.