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How to draw Narendra Modi drawing step by step

Narendra Modi Drawing
Politician’s drawings are very essential for the folks who need to take a step for drawing their face quickly. In addition to this, the Narendra Modi face is very attractive and hence draw the modi face in a hasty manner. You can easily Draw Narendra Modi Drawing face by following the step by step procedure given below.

This is however; it turns with bright sketching which enables the users to sketch according to the instruction. Of course, the sketching of Narendra modi is very simple and hence effective for the users to learn basics joining and connectives for the face. So, this is vital for the users to learn about how to draw Narendra modi drawing step by step before starting the diagram. Moreover, it is very simple and hence effective for the users to learn the basic terms and condition for sketching it.

Furthermore, this drawing tutorial will help the users to draw the modi face in crisp and clear option. This is, however; the users need to imagine the basics steps for drawing the modi face which in turn provide attractive results on it. So, it should undergo by using the proper sketching that takes vital in giving the realistic view of Narendra modi drawing.

As a result, this is vital for giving the best approach for drawing the best results on using this step by step procedure.

Step 1:

At first, you need to draw an oval shape which consists of the face and hence gives a strike which is meant for the nose, eyes, and mouth. It includes with three horizontal lines and only one vertical eye in the center. 

For connecting the neck, you should draw a line which is parallel to the oval shaped face. So, this should provide the excellent basis for joining the face structure easily. Moreover, this is very easy for determining the face structure on giving sketching process.

Step 2:

Draw a face which is connecting to the oval shape and join it accordingly. It includes by connecting the ear that provides the simple process to undertake before sketching. The shape should be clearly sketched according to the reference line and connect it easily. So, this is vital for the users to learn the basics structure of sketching the modi face.

Step 3:

In this step, the user has to draw the eyes, nose which basically helps to draw it by three horizontal lines. It has to sketch according to the line identified and draw it easily. After that, the mouth should be joined at the bottom of horizontal lines.  You need to complete it before start sketching the eyes.

Step 4:

When sketching the eyes, it is vital for the user to learn the eye sketching that consists of darken eyebrow colors and hence do it easily. It looks like a hall face structure without meeting the entire requirement. So, this should provide by simple sketching steps that have taken accordingly.

Step 5:

At the top oval shape, you need to draw hairs which are sketched according to the face. It meets proper identification on drawing the real hair of the modi face. This should be sketched according to the instruction and get slight difference for top oval shape.

Step 6:

Finally, you need to draw a beard on the face which consists of lower sketching using the HB pencil. This is, however; the mode face will be clear once it has glass in the face. So, you need to draw suitable glass that imitates the face of Narendra modi.

Also, you need to draw suite that really gives a Narendra modi look by sketching it completely. As a result, the sketching is very important for the final step in order to get a proper shade for Narendra modi face.