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How to Draw Desert Drawing Step By Step

Desert Drawing step by step
When drawing something desolate as the beautiful cartoon desert, you would think that it is only much lesser things to include in the drawing. Based on the simplicity for a drawing, it is necessary to concentrate more in the absolute way so that it makes the drawing quite simple and effective. Here are the steps in Desert pencil drawing.

Planning before hand is also most important for getting the new and stylish look makes it unique in the absolute manner. Let’s recreate our own desert diagram that is incorporated to make the simple landscape with more number of extra ordinary features. Moreover, you can also know how to draw Palm Tree

Everyone would have drawn a simple desert once in their life so that it would be quite useful for getting a beautiful look. Draw the desert with simple techniques with a neat presentation. Imagine the natural things or sceneries that you like to include in the desert along with which the important colors that you like top add to the drawing in the absolute way.

Planning is most important to concentrate so that it would be much easier for adding the beauty. Sand appears to be foremost in the picture, dunes in behind and finally the sky in the background. Planning part becomes the essential so that it would be quite easier for making the drawing beautiful and elegant Desert.

Step 1:

Drawing becomes easier when you know the plan and tricks. Positioning is the Key so that it is necessary to make the important decision for getting the complete new look. Map out the components of desert landscape and then you can easily start the drawing.

First you can draw out the straight horizontal line to make the ground of desert. Draw the frame for 3 cactus plants that you see on the image. Then you can concentrate on drawing the beginning line for mountains.

Step 2:

Start drawing out rocks that are looking desert mountains so that it makes more natural in the absolute manner. You can get creative by adding shape to the mountains then you can also easily keep them the ways that would give a neat look. Move to the next step once this is done and it is quite easier to draw these in the most efficient manner.

Step 3:

Every step is as basic and it is quite simple for getting a better idea for the creative thinking. Now that you could easily start drawing out the shape for cactus plants and then you can add the lining to the mountain sides on its details.

Step 4:

Finish this drawing lesson with completing the last step. You can then finish small cactus then you can easily start erasing the guidelines along with shapes that you could easily draw. Draw out clouds then add more definition in the front based on biggest mountains.

Step 5:

When you have completely raced the outline then it should look like the above picture so that it brings more options for adding the beautiful color. Draw the background on desert to be quite easier for making distant and give the mountain views. Add the detailing to the mounds so that it would be quite easier for drawing the huge boulder rocks. Then you can easily erase mistakes that you have done.

Step 6:

Just color to the scene and then it would give a beautiful look for the drawing so that it is quite easier for enjoying a beautiful look. Know that you have knowledge about drawing desert scene step by step, it is quite convenient for enjoying more creativity for the diagram with many natural sceneries.  

I hope you like Desert pencil drawing step by step procedure.