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How to draw Shin Chan cartoon step by step

shin chan drawing
Shin Chan cartoon drawing is very easy now. Go further to read- how to draw shin chan cartoon step by step. has vast of experience in drawing cartoons. So, below are the steps to draw Shin Chan Cartoon.

The original name is Crayon Shin Chan, but it is known as Shin Chan in many countries. Originally, this animated character is from Japan and this manga series is written by Yoshito Usui. Shinnosuke Shin is a five year old boy who lives with his parents, sister and dog. His neighborhood is set up in Kasukabe and the airing of this animated series started in 1992 in TV Asahi.

The TV animated series has been dubbed in various languages across the world, starting from Hindi to Danish, Malay, English, Dutch, Greek, German, French, Portuguese, etc. The animated show came to an end on September 11 of 2009 due to the death of author Usui but formally the series ended on 2010 of February 5.

Shin Chan is known for his notorious adventure and some of the jokes stems from occasionally weird, unnatural use of language along with mischievous behavior of Shin Chan. He sometimes uses the wrong phrases, making the normal situation turn into a hilarious one.

Like, instead of saying that he is back home, he would say something like welcome back, which is completely inappropriate for the situation. Now, we have learned a lot about the animated character Shin Chan, so let’s get started with the drawing of the cartoon character.

Steps to draw Shin Chan character step by step

In order to draw the Shin Chan cartoon character, you will have to start with a light pencil, so that if you go wrong, then you can erase the outlines and get the final drawing. Here is how you will have to start the drawing:

Step 1

In order to draw the face you will have to draw a circle first

Now draw the facial guidelines to sketch out the eyes, nose and mouth
draw shin chan drawing

Keeping in mind the shape of the Shin Chan’s face as well as the structure of the head you will have to draw in the outline and then draw the ear as well
draw shin chan drawing
Step 3

It is the time to draw the inverted V’s to sketch out the eyebrows and a circle to point out the mouth

The eyebrows are placed on top and hairline is drawn
draw shin chan drawing
Step 4

Add details to the eyes and in order to draw the eye lids You will have to draw two curved lines
draw shin chan drawing
Step 5

It is time to make the body of Shin Chan, you will have to draw two small triangles right below the structure of the face

Now draw two straight lines and below that you will have to draw two small lines which will give proper shape to the pant Shin Chan’s wear

A small slit in the middle will provide the perfect cut to the pant
draw shin chan drawing

Step 6

Just below the triangles, you will have to draw two more triangles which will be the hands of Shin Chan

A wave needs to be drawn to show the shirt and the difference between the pant and shirt will be shown

Legs will be drawn just under the pant, remember the legs will be small and must fit the size of Shin Chan

Shin Chan is a small boy, so his legs and boots will be tiny too

His arms are generally behind the back and that is the reason the triangles will be drawn in a way which will make it look like his hands are at the back
draw shin chan drawing
Step 7

It is time to erase the outlines that you had drawn to make the facial features and also erase the mistakes that you made
draw shin chan drawing

Now bring out the color and fill Shin Chan with colors and present it to your kid or just hang it out in the room

I hope the above steps would help you in drawing of perfect Shin Chan Cartoon as we already explained complete steps of it.