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How to draw Batman cartoon Step by step

batman drawing
Batman is the animated series from the house of DC Comics. The big name Warner Bros. was the producer of the show and this show started in 1992 and went on till 1995. Not only the animated series, but the film based on Batman is also popular. So, here we are explaining Batman Drawing steps. Through this, you can draw batman cartoon with mask, face and full body using pencil. The complete step by step Drawing of Batman cartoon is given below.

Though superheroes are generally meant for the children, but batman is more for the adults with the subject line more complex than just good winning over the evils. We already drawn Chota Bheem cartoon but it is time to draw Batman cartoon.

Steps involve in Drawing of Batman Cartoon

Now if you want to get started with the drawing of Batman cartoon, then you will have to start with a light pencil and then at the end you can use dark pencil for final strokes.

Step 1

You have to start with light pencil sketch and draw an oval shape for the face

Then draw the chin shape which is almost like a V with flat ends and touching the oval shape from below
Draw Batman Cartoon
Step 2

Now draw one vertical line to make it easy for the placement of the facial features

He wears a mask which covers his head and eyes with cut outs for his eyes and also has pointy tops on his head. Follow for Facial features like eyes, nose and smile.

Draw eyebrows and eyes, draw two oval shapes as depicted below.

No need to draw his hairline because he wears a mask which covers his ears and head completely. Just follow below for complete face of Batman.
Draw Batman Cartoon
Step 3

For his chest draw a big circle, and for arm, draw two big circles just below the chin and on either side of the circles, draw two oval shapes and intertwined for more circles and ovals as depicted below.

Now draw the outline for the tummy as depicted below.
Draw Batman Cartoon
Step 4

Draw Underwear and oval shapes to provide the outline for the legs.

Outline neck and shoulders
Draw Batman Cartoon
Step 5

It is time for his feet as well as lower leg, so for that you will have to draw some more basic shapes that is the circles and oval
Draw Batman Cartoon
Step 6

Bunch of circles or ovals for the arms is required
Draw Batman Cartoon
Step 7

Now to give the final line to the arms, just draw the outline of the ovals
Draw Batman Cartoon
Step 8

Draw Bat on the chest and represents abs. For the abs, you have to draw curves with line through it on the tummy. Trace the basic shapes you have drawn for the tummy.
Draw Batman Cartoon
Step 9

Draw Belt for batman as depicted below.
Draw Batman Cartoon
Step 10

Trace the outlines of the basic shapes that you have drawn for the legs and body
Draw Batman Cartoon
Step 11

Properly do the outlining of the legs and its muscles. Now for the shape of shoes as depicted below
Draw Batman Cartoon
Step 12

It’s time to draw his capes, start from his shoulders with some curved lines and then stretch it until his ankle

Draw the lines to finish off the cape and his cape his edgy at the end so draw wavy lines instead of a straight line at the end

Now, finish the drawing of batman by adding the final detailing in his arms with some curved lines and erasing the mistakes
Draw Batman Cartoon
Finally fill in your Batman with colours to complete the look

These are the steps to draw full body batman with pencil drawing.

I hope above article on “ How to draw batman cartoon step by step” would help you. Keep Drawing using our Drawing tutorials.