Friday, February 10, 2017

How to draw Horse shoe crab drawing step by step

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 HorseShoe Crab Drawing
Horseshoe crabs are the popular type of marine arthropods, and it can be found in shallow oceans with soft sand, even horseshoe crab also found in muddy bottoms and other coastlines around the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans the horseshoe crab is also differed from the actual crab. You can also know how to draw HorseShoe crab drawing step by step.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

How to Draw Dilophosaurus pencil drawing step by step

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 Dilophosaurus Drawing
The Dilophosaurus is one of the members of the dinosaur group, and it is the popular species lived in western-central North America. If you need to draw dilophosaurus, take the drawing steps tutorial.  To get perfect shape of Dilophosaurus, it is important to learn some basic steps

Step 1: If you worried about How to draw step by step Dilophosaurus you just draw the half-circle on the left side and draw the wide arc for the top part then draw a straight line under the bottom part and leave enough space for dinosaur's body.

After that, you should intersect lines inside the Dilophosaurus' head and place curved lines on the half-circle. Along with this, draw a long arc like letter U under the head. Obviously, the height of the jaw should be a bit longer. Then you need to draw a big circle the head and sketch the lines lightly. 

Draw an angled line like a number 7 on right side of the big circle then draw small angled line to the left.

Step 2:  In general drawing cartoon Dilophosaurus is simple with the tutorial. To get the back portion of the body add smaller circle to the right of the frill. After that you need to place the pair of angled lines under the circles and the first line should be vertical other lines should be greater-than sign (>). Draw few short and long curved lines to the right for Dilophosaurus' tail.  You need to start lines from the top right side of the body.

Step 3:  The draw Dilophosaurus' eyes inside the head, add short and diagonal line over eye. In addition to this draw a wavy line high above each eye. Draw the crest on and focus on the angle. Lightly sketch another arc as well as draw line on the middle of the arc, and add few lines that indicate the shape.

Draw two curved lines under the horizontal construction and add small triangles to get actual nostrils.  In the bottom part you just add few more lines. Even draw long triangle-like shapes under the top jaw to get teeth.  Always make different sizes to add variety.  It is important to draw cartoon Dilophosaurus.

Step 4: People take the benefits of Dilophosaurus drawing tutorials which help you to learn how to draw Dilophosaurus properly. To get perfect shape you just draw few short lines on mouth and add a series of curved lines inside the Dilophosaurus' mouth. 

Draw big circle around the head the draw the diagonal line at the top of the head. With this you can make the shape of the frill. Additionally, draw another diagonal line above the head and place few small curved lines to make the Dilophosaurus' frill spiky.

Step 5: If you draw step by step, you need to pay close attention on this tutorial. Draw few lines within frill and angle them correctly. Draw angled lines under the frill as and shaped like z. draw small dewclaw near bottom part of the leg finally draw the rest of the Dilophosaurus' body.

Final step:

Drawing tutorials highly help you to get perfect Dilophosaurus drawing. Based on your needs you can add shades. Shade the dinosaur's body using tiny squiggly lines. Also follow the path of the lines inside the frill based on the frill you just shade it. 

Always select the direction of the light source to add shades. You just add the texture to different sections of the body even pay close attention to break up the process. Create the striped pattern inside the body it helps to get perfect drawing.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

How to Draw Brown Bear Drawing step by step

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Brown Bear Drawing
In this simple tutorial, you will have trained how to draw a brown bear in the nine practical steps. Of course, this tutorial will helpful for both small kids and also novice artists to draw step by step to learn brown bear drawing.   The below give images indicates you how to complete the drawing on that particular levels so that you can quickly verify out whether your drawing procedure is right.

Drawing tutorials assists; you can learn drawing, Brown bear drawing steps swiftly and also helps you to reduce your picture time. The drawing steps tutorial includes very useful and straightforward steps to complete your sketching.

Many folks search on an efficient method for how to draw step by step to study brown bear drawing.   In these drawing tutorials, you can discover a way to sketch out a bear with clear steps. It is step by step lesson progressively construct upon every earlier process until you obtain the last rendering of the bear. 

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Moreover, drawing cartoon images such as brown bear will be eager and gives you new drawing experiences.  If you decide to improve your drawing skills, then you can refer this draw cartoon in a smart way without facing any trouble.

Step by step tutorial to draw brown bear

Step 1:

At first, you necessitate to sketch is draw an outline of the shapes as well as go through the guides to do the structure for your bear where you will are drawing.  Now, start with the head shape of the bear and then big body shape.  After you completed the head of a bear, then insert the limb shape, neck and every paw.

Step 2:

By using the head, guidelines start drawing out the head part of the bear form. While you draw out the lines, then ensure the do the edges such as very tiny needles draw near together. After completing the head of the bear then just sketch out the ears of bear and snout.

Step 3: 

In this step, you tackle the job of drawing out the fluffy detailing on the bear’s face. it is commonly the brow & skull shape of the bear head. Then sketch out as well as color out both nose tip and eyes of the brown bear.   After finishing out all these steps then draw ear inside of the body.

Step 4:

Now, draw out long and thick legs of bears as look like on the given images.    Then draw the toe and draw the chest as well as hairy detailing as you observe on the following diagram.

Step 5:

Here you need to sketch out the back side of the neck, and a big hump.   Later draw belly of brown bear and then insert the remaining texture on the bear’s body according to the below-given image.

Steps 6:

At first, complete sketching out the bear’s body and also back legs of the bear paw otherwise foot.   Just don’t fail to remember to draw the toes.

Step 7

At here, you will sketch the claws on every toe and then colour them in as it look like in the image.

Step 8:

Then you can also now sketch out the rugged rock or else rocky boulder where the bear is standing.  Just erase the unclear layout from the diagram, and then you are prepared to observe what a sketch of a bear must seem as like on the image

Step 9

After you completed whole shades, then your drawing bead must appear as similar to the given image.   In case, if you are not getting the same drawing then don’t bother, just modify and correct out the structure you observe on the original image.

I hope above information on Brown Bear Drawing would help you.

How To Draw A Boar cartoon Drawing step by step

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Boar Drawing
Naturally, kids love to draw different types of lovely wild animals.  There are different kinds of wild animals available, but boar gets more popularity among children because of its unique look.  Many novice artists and kids do not a proper idea about how to draw a boar, so they are seeking for the as then assistance. For meeting the drawing requirements, the following article comes with simple steps that let you to draw step by step without facing any difficulties.

There are lots of drawing guidelines available so that you can use the right method such as Drawing tutorials. They include simple drawing procedures that not only save time, but it also make the drawing task much simpler.

If you want to get the benefits, you can follow the reliable and simple-to-follow drawing steps tutorial.  In this simple tutorial, anyone can learn to the draw a boar by using simple steps. Here are the nine easy steps to draw the boar as follow:

How To Draw A Boar

Step 1:

You can start by creating some shapes. It is important to note the body structure be in the form of the egg. The head of a boar should be in a normal circle shape. After that, you can add single facial guidelines, as well as then 2 leg lines.

Step 2:

In this second phase, you will begin drawing the structure of boar’s facial structure that is extremely long, and fairly narrow. Start this procedure with sketching the oblong structure for a nose. And then you will draw on its sides.

Step 3:

You can draw the top portion of its head, as well as then draw in its erect. Along with this, you can add some other detailing properly. After that, you can start drawing the tusks as well as eyes of a boar.

Step 4:

You can complete drawing the eyes and paint them carefully. While you finish it, you can paint in its snout and be certain to include the mouth definitions and wrinkles of nose tip.

Step 5:

Here, you can draw out boar’s back slowly that should be relatively arched or rounded. The back of a board should turn into the tail as well as be certain to pain in a tuft at the end of its tail.

Step 6:

In this 6th step, you can begin drawing the feet and front legs, and then sketch out the stomach and chest. While that is complement you can include some definition and detail to its body also.

Step 7:

You can now ready to sketch the boar’s back legs as well as the feet. If you finish it correctly, you can start erasing the shapes and lines that are not necessary for your drawing. To achieve beautiful picture, you can use light lines. The light lines play a vital role in drawing cartoon so that you can follow this tip properly.

Step 8:

Finally, you can paint in the boar’s toes and be certain there is 3, then paint in your marking lines on belly and legs. You previously erased all guides so you are now ready to watch how the boar drawing should look.

Step 9:

In this last step, you will finish the drawing of a wild boar. If you want to draw a cartoon, you can follow the How to draw step by step carefully. The simple-to-understand and follow guidelines not only simplify the drawing, but it also allows you to get a beautiful drawing. Most significantly, you can choose suitable colors for your painting, because it brings your drawing a real look.

How To Draw Black Widow Spider Drawing step by step

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Black Widow Spider Drawing
If you are eagerly searching for the right place to learn simple ways to draw black widow spider, then you are an exact place. Many people eagerly look on how to draw black widow quickly. Here you can find how to draw step by step spider in the proper manner.  

Of course, drawing black widow spider will be highly fun and also enjoyment for you when you practice. Drawing tutorials will assist you to make your learning procedure very easy as well as efficient.  The only thing you need to do is simply go through the following remaining thing to exact method of drawing widow spider. By reading all these below next steps, you can draw your widow spider drawing without anybody help.

This drawing steps tutorial will surely help you to easily learn How to draw step by step black widow spider with simple steps.   Those who are interested in drawing and seeking for the best place to learn any drawing then do go further your search ends here. 

When you think to draw black widow spider drawing, then you can find many ways to draw spider. Apart from that, the below following black widow spider drawing will help you to practice out effortlessly.   Furthermore, drawing cartoon will be interesting and also gives more excitement when you work out and draw cartoon.

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Step By Step procedure to Draw Black Widow Spider

Step 1:

In the initial step you need to draw an outline of the shapes by using the following guidelines of the spider as displayed in the figure.  At first, you need to draw a small circle for the spider head.  Then draw out another bigger circle for the abdomen for black widow spider. After drawing these two circle shapes then make an outline of the six legs of a spider on both sides and two legs on the up front.

Step 2:

In this step, you can easily learn how to sketch out the black widow. You have to begin drawing out the proper shapes of the spider legs are given in the below figure. Ensure the tips of black spider legs marked once that performed you will begin drawing in the elaborate of the head of a spider as you observe on the image.

Step 3:

The third phase is your final drawing procedure as well as what you need do perform is just thicken and also shape out the legs few more and then draw either of a real hour glass sign on the pinnacle of the abdomen otherwise a skull as you find the image.  After this procedure completed, include some more definition to the head as well as then erase complete guides as well as shapes where you drew in the procedure one to get a clear look.

Step 4:

After finishing all those steps then your spider must look and conclude up as given in the below figure.   Later, you have to color out it in the back and now your black widow spider as you observe on the following image.  You need to shade it well with the dark color, or else you can also use your pencil color to shade black widow spider. Now you’re black widow spider drawing is ready to see.

Hence, these are the simplest steps which aid you to learn and understand easily how to learn black widow spider drawing.  Just go through all above four steps very clearly and do it out step by step by following guidelines to get exact and beautiful black widow spider cartoon image. So, follow the above steps and get attractive black widow spider drawing at your hand.

How To Draw Dugong Drawing Cartoon Step By Step

6:12 AM
Dugong Drawing
Dugong is the member of Mammal Family which has scientific term called as Dugong Dugon. The word “dugong” is derived from the Tagalog language called as “lady of the sea.” There are many number of common names are available that includes sea cow, sea camel or sea pig. People can also try Dugong Drawing tutorials.

Dugong is related to the type of animal known as Serenia and it is called for the inspiration in the legendary Sirens of Greek mythology. Dugong species has been found in 37 countries and they could live up to more than 70 years. They can go without breathing for the time period of 6 minutes so that they could easily swim for 128 feet deep.

Dugong weighs up to over 2,000 pounds and are commonly grows more than 13 feet long. Normally, the Dugong types of animal are extinct sea cow but most of these animals only exist in northern Australia.

In this Tutorial you will know the steps about how to draw a Dugong in the easy steps and it would be a great option for your kids as well as novice artists. Below are the individual steps in which you can easily click about the different methods to draw step by step without any hassle.

You can read some interesting technique to draw about the Dugong animal in the fantastic way. Below is the best solution for How to draw Dugong step by step and much more easier to draw the simple Dugong.

Step 1:

Normally, Dugong is the large ocean animal that is related to the Manatee and these animals are quite simple to draw in the fantastic way. Draw smooth curved line to start the Dugong drawing. The Drawing tutorials would be quite helpful for getting the convenient option for drawing with the simple process.

Step 2: 

When you have completed drawing the line, then you need to add its mouth and the eye. Mouth will be shaped with the 2 rectangular shapes on its front and its eyes could be drawn with the small circles that are located near to the top.

Step 3: 

Draw 2 long lines for Dugong body and you need to make sure that they also come in closer together for the tail. Dugong could easily grow upto 13 feet long and it weighs more than 2,000 pounds. Get the excellent drawing steps tutorial for drawing the Dugong and you can conveniently get the exciting options.

Step 4: 

Add front flipper with the round shape so that it would give the long round cone shape at its end.

Step 5: 

Now you can easily add next flipper with drawing smaller triangle shaped fins behind first flipper so that the other fin could be seen clearly. Add lines for the wrinkles so that it would have the amazing lovable texture. You can conveniently erase the guideline and admire the finished product

Step 6: 

For drawing the tail of the Dugong, it is necessary to go outward from other end. Add a 'v' shaped to middle for closing it off and it would give a perfect shape in the unique style. Normally, the Dugong could easily swim for more than 128 feet deep in the sea. The color of Dugong will be quite darker brown or even gray.

I hope above information about Dugong drawing will surely help you.

Friday, January 27, 2017

How To Draw Dream Catcher Drawing Step By Step

9:21 AM
Dream Catcher Drawing
The dream catchers have a very long been a tradition for Native individuals in North America. Initially, from the Ojibwe folks, dream catchers are supposed to snare the terrible dreams floating in the night-time air in their webbing as well as permit them to very nice dreams to fall throughout the middle hole in the dream catcher and also into sleeping head.  Here are the steps to know how to draw Dream Catcher.

While the sun rises in morning time the awful dreams trapped in the web vanish. Although records create the dream catcher to Ojibwe individual, the practice was very rapidly adopted by some other neighbouring tribes as well as has although found a famous place in mainstream North America nowadays. 

While drawing a dream catcher there are several various variations you can move forward however the majority of them have the identical things in normal hence you have to study these procedures and then you can include your individual touches to all of your dream catchers drawing.  

Here are the images which are given below in the step by step manner hence you can learn easily how to draw a dream catcher in an efficient manner.  Aside from creating a real one, of course, you can also try out your hand at a very good and light dream catcher drawing by following these step by step procedures which help you to complete the task very easier.

Things To You Need To Draw

Here are some of the major components essential to draw dream catcher drawing such as you need,
A powerful hoop roughly 6 inches in the diameter.  You can also prefer an embroidery hoop functions actually fine and you can discover it on the craft store.·    
Then you need a thread, twine or else yarn

Felt, a tiny rectangle

Step By Step To Draw Dream Catcher Drawing

Step 1:

You will begin along with an average sized circle and then draw simply a plus symbol in the center.  After drawing a circle then draw another inner circle within the core circle.  And then include 5 lines for the feathers as well as this is while you can do the feathers as long otherwise as more as you need as per your wish.

Step 2:

Then in the center draw a sequence of pedal such as shapes for the design of the net. Draw another sequence of beads placed randomly in the center.

Step 3:

In the third step, you have to begin sketching out the wrapped leather strands which will go across the entire shape of the dreamcatcher.

Step 4:

Now you will start drawing out the shapes of all feathers where you need to add to your Native American dreamcatcher. Since you can observe this objective is very easy to draw. Include two wavy lines on all side for the ending part of the leather strand.

Step 5:

You are almost on your last drawing procedure and what you will perform here is start on sketching out the feather is much more detail & definition.  The thicker leather strand lines and then go to the next step.

Step 6:

It is the final step for drawing. Thus, all you need to insert many leather binding to the bottom of the ring and then rub out any observable guides where you drew in steps one.

Step 7:

Here is your completed sketch of the very famous dreamcatcher.  All you have to do now is insert few colors you wish to add in this Native American part.

Hence, these are the simple and an easy step which helps you to draw catcher drawing in the trouble free way and aids you to save your time.