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How to Draw Duck Drawing Step by Step

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Duck Drawing
Ducks are considered as the beautiful water loving birds belonging to Anatidae family that also includes the swans and geese. Ducks could be found in all the continents except Antarctica and some of the species can be found in the islands of Sub Antarctica. By following our tutorials lessons, you can easily Draw Duck step by step.

Ducks are quite beautiful and smaller than swans and geese. They can be found living in both the fresh water as well as salt water. Generally, ducks eat water and land plants, fish, insects as well as small amphibians that include newts, salamanders, worms, mollusks and toads. Ducks could easily dive deep under water for food and also feed off in the surface of land and water. Ducks is also thought as the earliest close ancestors that are mingled with the Dinosaurs. You can also know about how to draw Dinosaur

Comb like edge beak of a duck gives quite an attraction and it could easily catch the food from the water that would be easily squirted in the side of the beak. Normally, Ducks make many varieties of sounds that include whistle sounds, cooing, yodels and grunts and male ducks do not quack. Drawing the picture of ducks is quite simple and in this quick tutorial, you would learn about how to easily draw a Duck with the step by step process.

The instructions would be great for novice artists and kids. Images represent how your finished drawing would be going with the step by step procedure in the absolute manner. Below are the individual steps so it would be easier to learn about the simple ways to draw a duck.

Step 1:

Begin the drawing with an outline of the Duck like a small circle for its head and big oblong for the body below it. No need to go for the hard procedures as making the simple outline of the duck with its head and body acts as the foundation for the beautiful drawing.

Step 2:

Connect head of the duck with the curved stroke so that it looks like that of a duck. Draw its tail with slanted lines that forms into pointed angles. Add beak of the duck with the small straight stokes along with its feet using the sticks. Now Draw a triangle for its feet. Continue the top line of the triangle to make top of the head. Now you can easily curve it up then back down same as a boomerang.

Step 3:

Add small circular shaped eyes and then refine it with detailed back. Draw a tiny eye to the left top bump of its head. Draw the head and neck of the duck based on outline. Continue the bottom triangle line back for making the short neck line.

Step 4:

Draw the feet of the duck. Normally, the duck has digits as the webbed so that you can easily take a note about the detailed drawing. Add another long and thin foot on top of the first foot.

Step 5:

Continue the belly line of the duck to draw the rump. Now you can easily Bend the line back up to draw the short pointy tail behind its tip of wing. Erase unnecessary lines to make it beautiful and full.

Step 6:

Now you can color the duck drawing with the white color around its body and head. Make Brown color on its beak and foot to give a natural look.

Things To Keep In Mind To Draw A Duck:

Drawing a duck is simple with following the effective techniques so that it would be quite easier for getting a clear sketch

You can use the light lines in order to sketch a duck

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Saturday, January 14, 2017

How to Draw Music Drawings Step By Step

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Music Drawing
Most of the people read music however it is quite difficult to record the music and it is necessary to draw in the fantastic style. However it is quite difficult to record the notes in the absolute manner. To draw a treble clef that is known as G-clef so that the symbols needed based on the musical voices. Now, you can know how to draw Music pencil drawing.

How To Draw Truck Drawing Step By Step:

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Truck Drawing step by step
To draw Trucks, it is necessary to know the appropriate techniques and steps for getting a beautiful drawing in the absolute manner. Truck Drawing Lessons along with the step by step drawing techniques brings the fresh and new look in the fantastic manner. Here are the steps to draw Truck pencil Drawing.

Drawing the Vehicle Cartoons would be efficient for sketching the great cartoon in the absolute manner. Learn how to draw as well as sketch the most amazing and beautiful Vehicles that would easily create the great cartoons, drawings and illustrations so that it would be quite easier for getting the free drawing lessons on the absolute manner. Moreover, you can also know how to draw soccer ball

The strong and sturdy truck can easily carry out vast load so that it would be quite easier for enjoying more benefits in the absolute way. With the following steps, it is much easier to learn how to draw pickup truck in the most amazing and finest process.

In this section, you would get the best pickup truck drawing with the freehand style so that it is much useful to draw them accordingly with the computer monitored. Get the illustration of each step to give you the description about the way of drawing in the absolute way.

Follow the illustration to learn exactly to draw in that step and then notify the color based on many different categories.

Step 1:

First it is necessary to draw the long rectangle side of the body. Then you can draw the 2 overlapping circles on the right and left ends for wheels. With a smaller rectangle on the top of left half of body with slanted left side.

Step 2:

To draw styled wheel, you need to draw small circle inside larger circle. Both of them must be present in the tire and the wheel well above each tire. Now you can easily sketch the object that looks upside-down bowl. When you have drawn the bowl then it would be quite easier to attach the U-shaped figure in front wheel well forming the front bumper. Connect backward L-shaped figure to the rear wheel with cuplike bumper attached. With a curved line make the Outline front hood.

Step 3:

For drawing the driver's-side window, you have to sketch the rectangle slanted left side and it would be drawn in odd-shaped oval. Now you can easily attach the 2 thin rectangles for each other making the door handle. Draw a straight line for the windshield that is slanted based on the front of the driver side window. 

Now you can easily add short line in the top as well as bottom of windshield thus forming skinny triangle. Make 5 half circles inside the styled wheel and then place an air dam under front bumper that looks check mark lying on the side.

Step 4:

With the front end, make 2 connected squares based on making front headlights. Now you can easily surround with trim that looks as same as upside down L-shaped figure that is quite attached in the straight line with curve at the end. 

After that it is much convenient to place a curved line for each wheel based on the fender. Draw the straight line in back of truck so that it would add upright straight line behind the door for separating the cab.

Step 5:

Now you can easily add the steering wheel along with stick shift that would automatically sit with the steering of the wheel column. Now you can easily darken the steering wheel, side moldings, wheel wells, air dam in front bumper and much more. Draw thick dark staple inside taillight, front and rear bumpers.

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How to Draw Desert Drawing Step By Step

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Desert Drawing step by step
When drawing something desolate as the beautiful cartoon desert, you would think that it is only much lesser things to include in the drawing. Based on the simplicity for a drawing, it is necessary to concentrate more in the absolute way so that it makes the drawing quite simple and effective. Here are the steps in Desert pencil drawing.

Planning before hand is also most important for getting the new and stylish look makes it unique in the absolute manner. Let’s recreate our own desert diagram that is incorporated to make the simple landscape with more number of extra ordinary features. Moreover, you can also know how to draw Palm Tree

Everyone would have drawn a simple desert once in their life so that it would be quite useful for getting a beautiful look. Draw the desert with simple techniques with a neat presentation. Imagine the natural things or sceneries that you like to include in the desert along with which the important colors that you like top add to the drawing in the absolute way.

Planning is most important to concentrate so that it would be much easier for adding the beauty. Sand appears to be foremost in the picture, dunes in behind and finally the sky in the background. Planning part becomes the essential so that it would be quite easier for making the drawing beautiful and elegant Desert.

Step 1:

Drawing becomes easier when you know the plan and tricks. Positioning is the Key so that it is necessary to make the important decision for getting the complete new look. Map out the components of desert landscape and then you can easily start the drawing.

First you can draw out the straight horizontal line to make the ground of desert. Draw the frame for 3 cactus plants that you see on the image. Then you can concentrate on drawing the beginning line for mountains.

Step 2:

Start drawing out rocks that are looking desert mountains so that it makes more natural in the absolute manner. You can get creative by adding shape to the mountains then you can also easily keep them the ways that would give a neat look. Move to the next step once this is done and it is quite easier to draw these in the most efficient manner.

Step 3:

Every step is as basic and it is quite simple for getting a better idea for the creative thinking. Now that you could easily start drawing out the shape for cactus plants and then you can add the lining to the mountain sides on its details.

Step 4:

Finish this drawing lesson with completing the last step. You can then finish small cactus then you can easily start erasing the guidelines along with shapes that you could easily draw. Draw out clouds then add more definition in the front based on biggest mountains.

Step 5:

When you have completely raced the outline then it should look like the above picture so that it brings more options for adding the beautiful color. Draw the background on desert to be quite easier for making distant and give the mountain views. Add the detailing to the mounds so that it would be quite easier for drawing the huge boulder rocks. Then you can easily erase mistakes that you have done.

Step 6:

Just color to the scene and then it would give a beautiful look for the drawing so that it is quite easier for enjoying a beautiful look. Know that you have knowledge about drawing desert scene step by step, it is quite convenient for enjoying more creativity for the diagram with many natural sceneries.  

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Thursday, January 12, 2017

How to draw Narendra Modi drawing step by step

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Narendra Modi Drawing
Politician’s drawings are very essential for the folks who need to take a step for drawing their face quickly. In addition to this, the Narendra Modi face is very attractive and hence draw the modi face in a hasty manner. You can easily Draw Narendra Modi Drawing face by following the step by step procedure given below.

This is however; it turns with bright sketching which enables the users to sketch according to the instruction. Of course, the sketching of Narendra modi is very simple and hence effective for the users to learn basics joining and connectives for the face. So, this is vital for the users to learn about how to draw Narendra modi drawing step by step before starting the diagram. Moreover, it is very simple and hence effective for the users to learn the basic terms and condition for sketching it.

Furthermore, this drawing tutorial will help the users to draw the modi face in crisp and clear option. This is, however; the users need to imagine the basics steps for drawing the modi face which in turn provide attractive results on it. So, it should undergo by using the proper sketching that takes vital in giving the realistic view of Narendra modi drawing.

As a result, this is vital for giving the best approach for drawing the best results on using this step by step procedure.

Step 1:

At first, you need to draw an oval shape which consists of the face and hence gives a strike which is meant for the nose, eyes, and mouth. It includes with three horizontal lines and only one vertical eye in the center. 

For connecting the neck, you should draw a line which is parallel to the oval shaped face. So, this should provide the excellent basis for joining the face structure easily. Moreover, this is very easy for determining the face structure on giving sketching process.

Step 2:

Draw a face which is connecting to the oval shape and join it accordingly. It includes by connecting the ear that provides the simple process to undertake before sketching. The shape should be clearly sketched according to the reference line and connect it easily. So, this is vital for the users to learn the basics structure of sketching the modi face.

Step 3:

In this step, the user has to draw the eyes, nose which basically helps to draw it by three horizontal lines. It has to sketch according to the line identified and draw it easily. After that, the mouth should be joined at the bottom of horizontal lines.  You need to complete it before start sketching the eyes.

Step 4:

When sketching the eyes, it is vital for the user to learn the eye sketching that consists of darken eyebrow colors and hence do it easily. It looks like a hall face structure without meeting the entire requirement. So, this should provide by simple sketching steps that have taken accordingly.

Step 5:

At the top oval shape, you need to draw hairs which are sketched according to the face. It meets proper identification on drawing the real hair of the modi face. This should be sketched according to the instruction and get slight difference for top oval shape.

Step 6:

Finally, you need to draw a beard on the face which consists of lower sketching using the HB pencil. This is, however; the mode face will be clear once it has glass in the face. So, you need to draw suitable glass that imitates the face of Narendra modi.

Also, you need to draw suite that really gives a Narendra modi look by sketching it completely. As a result, the sketching is very important for the final step in order to get a proper shade for Narendra modi face.

How to Draw Minions Drawing Step by Step

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Minions Drawing step by step
If you do not have a proper idea about drawing minions, you can carefully read this following guide. The reliable guidelines help you to understand the major differences between various types of minions.These are the simple-to-follow guidelines that help people to draw minions easily by following step by step procedure.

You can try to use pencil before using paintings. In the starting stages, you do not sketch too hard. Instead, you can use smooth and light strokes for drawing minions.

Step 1:

You can begin with a rough at the peak portion of your page.   This does not have to be appropriate. This is simply a useful procedure for the head of Minions. If you desire a draw the wider-looking minion such as Josh, you can draw the wider round or oval instead.

Step 2:

After that, you can draw 2 intersecting lines exactly across the round, one horizontal and one vertical. The base portion of your vertical line can stick out of your round. The vertical line length will easily determine the minion height. If you desire to draw the taller minion similar to Tim, you can draw the longer lines. The final outcomes will look similar to the crosshairs on an extent.  The construction lines many aids you in placing the facial features of minion later on.

Step 3:

You can draw the 2 small circles on the top portion of a horizontal line.  It will be a helpful guide for the eyes of Minion. When you decide to sketch the one-eyed minion similar to Stuart, you can draw a larger round in the center portion.

Step 4:

In this step, you can draw the shape similar to D on its portion as the guide for a mount of Minion. You can use the below portion of the major round in order to assist you in placing the mouth guide.

Step 5:

Below the head, you can draw a large U-Shape similar to the guide for the body of Minion. The final portion of U touches the final portion of horizontal building line.

Step 6:

By using a precise guide for Minion’s body, you can draw 2 small shapes which are same as rectangles without tops as the guides for pant cuffs.  Below every pant cuff, you can draw a very small U-shaped arc same as the guide for minion’s shoes.

Step 7:

You can properly darken the rounds of the eyes of minion. You can follow the outer path of 2 circles as well as draw another line in order to create some thick goggles. The final result will similar to the number eight on its each and every side. Along with this, you can also draw 2 small square-like shapes for goggle straps.

Step 8:

You can use the peak portion of a major circle as the guide in order to draw Minion’s head. You can sketch different types of hair based on what the minion that you are painting.

Step 9:

You can use the circle and line on the correct as the guides in order to draw a hand of Minion. You can follow the line path and make this thicker in order to draw its arms.  You can utilize the circle shapes in order to draw the fist and glove of Minion.

Step 10:

For the finished Minion picture, you need to color it.  Additionally, you can utilize anything you actually want such as crayons, markers, color pencils and much more. You can color the skin yellow of Minion.  The gloves, goggle straps, boots and overall buttons are black.  

While speaking about goggles, they are gray.  The overalls of minion are blue. I hope you like reading article on “ Steps in Minions cartoon drawing”.

How to Draw Soccer Ball Drawing Step by Step

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Soccer Ball Drawing step by step
Soccer is one of the most exciting and popular games that get more popularity among sports lovers because of its unique soccer ball. This is a specially designed ball that is evenly stitched from various parts.  Due to this, it comes with an excellent shape of normal hexagons. Often, Lovers tried to Draw Soccer ball pencil drawing. So, here are the complete covered steps.

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How to Draw Dead Pool Drawing Step by Step

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Deadpool Drawing step by step
Deadpool is an admired antihero found in the most popular Marvel Comics Universe.  There are many people try to draw an image of Deadpool, but they fail to achieve it due to some reasons. In order to eliminate the difficulties, the following guide comes with reliable guidelines that help you to draw Deadpool efficiently and accurately.  Here are step by step procedure to draw Dead Pool Cartoon pencil Drawing.

When you decide to draw Deadpool, you can create a proper outline and define all the details slowly until you can know the character. Once finished, you can darken all the lines as well as add your favorite colors. If you want to draw Deadpool, you can follow these simple steps properly.

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Step 1:

You can sketch the evenly proportioned round near the top edge of your paper. You can draw a proper horizontal line exactly across the base quarter of a round. After that, you can draw the elongated curved below the lower portion of your circle and then draw the vertical line exactly down the heart portion of the complete structure. 

Now, you can erase an unwanted part of the circle to move onto the next step. This step lets you start with two guide shapes for the torso as well as a head. You can sketch in these below guidelines also.

Step 2:

This is an essential step that allows you to use the face or head guide shape. By using this face or head guide shape, you can start drawing the original shape for the face and head.  Along with this, you can also notice an exact angled lining to a face structure as well as the tiny tip of the back portion of the head.  You can always draw light lines to erase it when necessary.

Step 3:

In this step, you can easily draw the face of Deadpool. You can begin with the approximately diamond-like styles which the original eyes can be properly drawn it. While that is completed you can draw the original eyes. After that, you can sketch a seam lining smoothly to the mask also. Apart from that, you can add the featuring under both the eyes.

Step 4:

It is one of the most essential steps that play a vital role in drawing Dealpool. In this important step, you can create the shoulder and neck. After that, you can add a collar properly to the costume as well as then sketch the closure lining properly once again in order to produce a leather look.

Step 5:

If you have completed the above step properly, you can move onto the further step. In step 5, you can draw the trim properly around the exterior shapes of mask like consequently, then sketch some stitch lining above the shoulder in order to finish your drawing. 

In addition to that, you can erase all the mistakes properly and these guides also. It is a major step that will bring you a proper base for your drawing. By using this excellent outline, you can easily develop your image and complete it properly.

Step 6:

This step lets you do line art. It is a vital portion of your drawing so that you can give additional care to it. In this step, you can give your most favorite colors to the Deadpool. While speaking about black and red colors, these are the highly preferred colors so that you can consider it without any hesitation.

You can draw the suits of Dealpool in black and red colors.

This useful task not only brings your drawing complete look, but it also makes the drawing more accurate. I hope above Dead pool pencil drawing steps tutorial would help you.